Welcome to the MCKV Institute of Engineering Alumni Association(MCKVIEAA)

MCKV Institute of Engineering Alumni Association (MCKVIEAA) is the Alumni Association of one of oldest and prestigious Private Engineering Institute MCKV Institute of Engineering (MCKVIE). MCKVIE was established in the year 1999. MCKVIEAA was established in 2009. And finally it was officially registered in 2016 with Registration Number S/2L 60214 under the West Bengal Government Society Registration Rules to foster a sense of belonging towards the college among the former students and enable them to carry forward the vision and mission of the college in their personal and professional lives as well as to create and make use of a network of alumni members who can contribute to the growth and development of the college as well as help create successful careers for the students.

We welcome all the Alumnus of MCKV Institute of Engineering to join this association.

Objectives :

  • To consolidate profiles of successful alumni of the college to serve as inspiration for the students and faculty.
  • To build a database of all alumni members with their contact details and maintain a regular dialogue with them through emails or newsletters.
  • To carry out an exit survey of the students for obtaining their feedback on their experiences which can be used for carrying out continuous improvement in academic and administrative practices.

To establish web interface pages in social media such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. to facilitate greater interaction among the alumni members and with the current faculty members.