From the Desk of Chairman of MCKVIEAA

Greetings from MCKV Institute of Engineering!

The word Alumni carries a great meaning for an Institution. In fact, you are the Ambassador of MCKV Institute of Engineering. We have a registered Alumni Association (Registration Number S/ 2L60214) and a website ( uploaded recently for the purpose. Our Alumni Association is created to maintain a life-long connection between the Institute and its alumni.

We, on behalf of our esteemed Institution would like to connect with all of you. This enables us to have a clear vision and priority and in essence, contribute to the overall growth of our Institution. We would like to inform you about various activities conducted by the Institute from time to time and our various strategies and plan for the institutional development.  Our main motive would be to connect our alumni, support students and build a cherished and unforgettable Institute experience through a diversity of events, programs and services. The mission is to foster strong bonds between alumni, students and the Institute, to keep alumni informed, and creates a network, enabling them to remain engaged with their alma mater and help shape its future through the Alumni Association's programmes and services.

We feel that you are its lasting legacy and strongest voice. Finding new ways to build an engaged membership base is an integral task of the Alumni Association. It’s a cordial and humble request to you to reach out to all the Alumni that you know who are in different places across the world to reconnect, give back to the Institute, and serve as a springboard for further involvement.

As the Chairman of the Association, I would request you to spare some of your valuable time and submit your personal information through the website ( Also we would request you to take membership of MCKVIE Alumni Association and generously donate to help us to initiate a few activities as laid down under the Objective in “By-Laws and Rules and Regulations”. In fact we invite your suggestions for which a separate data entry box is available in the website. This will also help us to take up some activities for the institutional development.

Thank you and wish you a bright future.


Prof.(Dr.) Parasar Bandyopadhyay
Director of MCKVIE